v. thrummed, thrum•ming, n.
1) to pluck the strings of a guitar or other stringed instrument, esp. idly; strum
2) to sound when thrummed on, as a guitar
3) to drum or tap idly with the fingers
4) to play (a stringed instrument or a melody) by plucking the strings, esp. idly; strum
5) to drum or tap idly on
6) a dull, monotonous sound
Etymology: 1545–55; imit. thrum′mer, n. II
[[t]θrʌm[/t]] n. v. thrummed, thrum•ming
1) tex one of the ends of the warp threads in a loom, left unwoven and remaining attached to the loom when the web is cut off
2) tex thrums, the row or fringe of such threads
3) tex
a) any short piece of waste thread or yarn
b) a tuft or fringe of such pieces
4) tex to furnish or cover with thrums, ends of thread, or tufts
Etymology: bef. 1000; ME throm end-piece, OE -thrum, in tungethrum ligament of the tongue, c. OHG drum end-piece; akin to ON thrǫmr brim, edge

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